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At Pacific Radio Group, we recognize that a work force comprised of a wide variety of perspectives, viewpoints and backgrounds is integral to our continued success. This is a fundamental way of doing business at Pacific Radio Group, and we continue to be steadfast in our goal of being diverse and representative of the public we serve.

Because our employees are the key to our success, Pacific Radio Group believes in offering a strong benefits-and-incentives package. In addition to health, vision, dental and life insurance, the company offers profit sharing, a 401(k) contribution plan. Through its overall incentive program, Pacific Radio Group works to allow every employee to directly participate in and benefit from the company's successes.

At Pacific Radio Group, diversity is about driving our business - we are interested in creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment that will yield the best business results by having everyone and their ideas at the table.

To this end...Pacific Radio Group's Diversity Mission is to create an environment of fairness and equality that appeals to our employees and the extraordinary people in our marketplaces.

Overview of postions at Pacific Radio Group
Listed below is a brief overview of some of the positions typically located at a station.

Managerial Positions

General Manager
Responsible for the overall operation of a station.

General Sales Manager
Hires and supervises the sales staff, develops sales plans and goals. (Some larger stations may have separate national, regional and local sales managers)

Program Director
Responsible for the on-air product of the station. Also controls production, talent and program schedules.

Business Manager
In charge of all financial transactions.

News Director
Runs the news department, assigns stories to reporters, identifies news issues within the community.

Promotions Director
Promotes the station's image, programs and activities through contests, events, and activities.

Chief Engineer
Responsible for all technical operations at the station.

On-Air Positions

Announcers/Disc Jockeys
Depending on a station's format, will host and produce programs, read commercial copy and public service announcements.

Sales Positions

Account Executive
Makes calls on potential advertisers to sell commercial inventory on the station.

Administrative Positions

Sales Assistant
Offers administrative support to the sales staff and the managers, including drafting of sales proposals.

Traffic Director
Links the programming and sales departments by collecting data to prepare a daily broadcast schedule. Keeps track of up to the minute commercial time availabilities.

Promotions Assistant
Offers administrative support to the programming and promotions staff.

Entry level position with duties that vary depending on the station.